CodeZone successfully implemented the AWDP’s project on ICT Trainings. The project implemented in 6 milestones and in duration of 8 months.
We had very unique approach on selecting candidates and including them in our trainings. At start, directly after the grant was awarded, we contacted our previously targeted PSCs and collected their detailed skills demand. Based on this collected information, the specific course that needs to be delivered was identified and the curriculum was designed accordingly. The PSCs was fully involved in this process and once a curriculum was designed, we sent them for review and approval.

On trainee selection recruitment and selection, our approach was as following:
1. PSCs introduced their employees to the program and they were listed as candidates. Job seekers also listed as candidates.
2. Candidates had to take a test through which their existing knowledge of the field and basic English Language skills was assessed. There were separate tests for PSC employees, job seekers and female candidates.
3. After the assessment was done, we grouped successful candidates based on their assessment results and placed them in the classrooms. However priority was given to the female candidates.
4. According to the defined target, there was secured seats for the female students.

Our designed curricula was all based on modern and contemporary standards as well as based on demanded skills in the market. We included more than 85% of practical activities into our trainings, to make the class more engaging, more practice oriented and thus were able to satisfy all our participants. Overall, we trained 445 trainees, 112 job seekers were placed in different position. Out of which 82 were males while 30 were females and 184 of those trainees had received increment in their salary by their employers and out of which 132 were males while 52 were females.

Management Information System, GIZ-ASPH

Based on our years of experience in IT sector and development of different Management Information Systems, CodeZone developed a Secure, Available and Reliable Web based Management Information System that is currently used as a planning tool for trainings of Sukok Employees. The MIS is able to analyze and evaluate trainings conducted by Sukok employees. The system is also able to store personal information, work information, work experience and training information of all Sukok employees. System users are able to add, view, edit & delete this information. The information is displayed in each employee’s profile. An analytical module is developed to analyze data of the trainings conducted by a single employee, group of employees, specific department employees and overall employees of Sukok directorate. System user will be able to generate different type of custom reports from the data that is stored in system’s database. The developed system is completely user friendly with the ability to be viewed and interacted in mobile and tablet devices. As security is a big concern in web applications, so the data in the system is entirely encrypted and secure.

Project is designed and developed by modern world contemporary technologies and methodologies. The key staff leading, managing and developing the system were experts and professionals with national and international experiences in system development and design.

Complete list of projects will be provided upon request